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Why WellNow? Because you deserve to feel better, faster.

Life doesn't slow down, and neither should your healthcare. With the combined expertise of WellNow Urgent Care, Allergy, Occupational Health, and Clinical Research, WellNow offers healthcare that's as flexible and on-demand as your day. Go on, seize every moment, with confidence, knowing that fast reliable healthcare is always within your reach. After all, life might be unpredictable, but with WellNow, our well-being doesn't have to be.​

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Accepted Insurance

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All WellNow Urgent Care centers and telehealth services accept a wide variety of insurance plans.

Copayments are determined by your insurance plan — please refer to your policy benefits for more information.

If your insurance carrier is not listed, your claim may still be paid as an out-of-network service and may require additional financial responsibility from you. Please call your carrier’s member services (the phone number should be listed on the back of your insurance card) or refer to your policy benefits to determine your out-of-network treatment options and your financial responsibility.

Please bring with:

  • Insurance card

  • Valid picture ID

  • Form of payment for copays

No Insurance? No problem.

WellNow Urgent Care has very competitive pricing to provide our uninsured patients with affordable healthcare. We accept credit and debit cards.

*Our accepted insurance plans are subject to change.