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150+ clinics are ready to offer you the best, personalized care possible.

  • Walk-ins always welcome, no appointment required

  • Open 7 days a week with extended hours — including holidays

  • Low wait times with appointment updates sent to your phone

  • 24/7 virtual care anytime, anywhere

  • Schedule online, check in online, wait where you’re comfortable

  • We work with all insurance plans and have a flat rate for uninsured care

Patient Reviews

The staff is very friendly and I had a great experience from beginning to end I was very happy after leaving the office it made my weekend so much better. I so happy we still have places that have friendly and professional staff. Keep up the great work.
Alfred— Urgent Care Patient
I sprained my ankle yesterday at the zoo with my family. Really frustrated since it’s a Sun afternoon my doctor and nearby healthcare facility were not available. Luckily I searched and found Physician Immediate Care were open and in our network. The physicians and staff were really kind and professional and gave me good care right away. I got X-ray exams, diagnosed quickly and got good equipment (ice bag, brace, Crutches and instructions). Really appreciated!
Lin— Urgent Care Patient
I'm a truck driver who has to pass a physical every two years to receive a medical card, in order to work. Like some people, I suffer a tremendous amount of anxiety when going to doctors, dentists, or other medical facilities. At this facility, specifically in Plainfield, they make me feel very comfortable, and were very patient with me. This in turn, helps me to get my blood pressure down to an acceptable level. Thank you, to everyone at the Plainfield facility.
Matt— Urgent Care Patient
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What to Expect at WellNow Urgent Care

At WellNow Urgent Care, patients can expect prompt, comprehensive and compassionate healthcare services for non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses.

WellNow Urgent Care employs a comprehensive approach to diagnosing patients.

Our healthcare providers will start the exam by thoroughly reviewing your symptoms and overall health history. Our clinics can conduct diagnostic tests, including X-rays, flu, strep and COVID-19 testing.

For non-life-threatening conditions, on-site treatment options, medications and assistive supplies are available, with the capability to make referrals for specialist care if necessary. Comprising a dedicated team of medical professionals, including physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and clinical staff (PCTs, Nurses and X-ray technologists), WellNow Urgent Care ensures a commitment to excellent service and quality of care.

At WellNow Urgent Care, we prioritize personalized care by developing tailored treatment plans for each patient.

Our dedicated healthcare professionals take the time to assess individual needs, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of medical history and symptoms. This meticulous approach allows us to deliver precise and effective interventions, enabling optimal recovery. From minor ailments to more complex conditions, our commitment to tailored treatment plans reflects our dedication to providing high-quality, patient-centric healthcare. Your well-being is our priority at WellNow Urgent Care.

Our medical providers adhere to the principles of evidence-based medicine.

They integrate their clinical expertise and experience with the most current and relevant research evidence, improving the quality and effectiveness of medical decisions and treatments. Additionally, our team actively participates in antibiotic stewardship programs, promoting responsible and thoughtful use of antibiotics to combat antimicrobial resistance.

We Work with All Insurance Plans

At WellNow, we believe cost concerns should never hinder your access to quality healthcare. So, our rates are very competitive, and we can be a more convenient, lower-cost option than the ER – while treating many of the same conditions/complaints. 

No Insurance, No Problem 

Our transparent self-pay pricing is a flat rate of $165 for the urgent care visit, including any x-rays. Additional charges may apply for certain labs and durable medical equipment.

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